Second best photo!

Dear friends!

ACT I is finally in the manufacturing plant and I am anxiously waiting to get my own copy of it. It was a long process, but I am very happy with the result. At the moment I am very busy with the interviews and many journalists have been asking me if these live DVD and CD are as important to me as my studio albums or if I wanted to have this release done now to win time for my next studio album.

The fact is that as ACT I is my first live release in my solo career, that makes it VERY important to me.

After two studio albums I felt that it was a time to come up with the live release since I had enough material for it. I really want to show the world where I am as an artist today and what my music is about. There is no better way to show it than with a live release.

Nothing has been overdubbed or recorded afterwards, so ACT I is very honest release from me and the band. You can really see, hear and feel what truly happened in Rosario on those nights. It makes me so happy that we were able to capture the magic on the video. I really hope you all can enjoy my work and my passion as you are big part of it!

In the meantime, the new studio album is in production! We are recording basses at the moment with Doug and Kevin. But more about it later.

Here is the second best photo I chose from the photo gallery contest. Morganna took a great shot. I love it! You can nearly hear the music in it.

With love, Tarja

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  1. Muy Feliz Cumpleaños mi Bella,mis mejores deseos para este tu día! Gracias por todo! <3

  2. Yanka says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOTHER TARJA!!! you’ve always been my inspiration and one of the reasons i’m still here, praying for a chance to meet you someday.. i hope all your wishes come true and i hope you finally make children with Marcelo, I wish you the best my dear you’re everything to me and I love you so much <3

  3. Sebastian says:

    Luz del Manantial en tu Poetica Mirada de Serafin…

    Los bohemios Palpitos de la Ilusión presentan Señales en tempo sutil…
    Los Latidos allegro del Corazón se desvanece en la razón
    de la elegancia de aquel Romanticismo. Estos Palpitos expulsan
    a mares, alagos y pensamientos conducidos a las puertas doradas
    del enamorado. El dulce océano de preguntas son nacidas por aquellas
    frases madievales. El aullido del amor es acompañado por la humilde
    angelical luz de la luna, ella brinda Señales escondidas en Sensaciones
    que son delatadas por los gritos de aquel ilusionado Corazón…



  4. Isa-nightwish says:

    Hi Tarja
    I pre-order the mediabook !! I can’t Wait to receive It !


  5. Carlos says:

    This is an awesome photo :)

    It really seems to capture the flow… big congrats for both Tarja and Morganna ;)

    Can’t wait for Act 1 :)

  6. Valentine says:

    I agree, it’s a beautiful picture. Good to know about the third studio album, I’m sure it’ll rock!

  7. spike says:

    I have waited a long time for an official tarja live dvd/blu ray,i already have both pre-ordered;)…I LOVE YOU TARJA:)

  8. Carlos says:

    That is a great photo!
    Really captured the moment… congrats to Tarja and Morgana :)

  9. nadine says:


    I´m sure we will enjoy the DVD, “Into the sun” already looks very promising :) . Apart from the song itself, it seems like fine recording quality, too.
    It´s so nice to hear about the progress of the new CD, how about a little acoustic example or a little “making of” video? ;)
    The photo is really beautiful, and the winner is…? :D

    Ciao and hugs

  10. Margarita says:

    Very beautiful photo! Such an interesting composition. Curious to see the best photo that you choose and the other ones :)

  11. Mirna (Croatia) says:

    Great news!! :) :):) Love you! <3<3<3

  12. Emmi says:

    Moi Tarja!
    Hieno valokuva jälleen kerran :D Tekstiä on kyllä hankala lukee, kun jostain syystä se näkyy mulle ainakin ihan vaaleena. En tiedä onko vika omassa koneessa…

  13. Hello Tarja,

    I think everyone is feeling anxious about the release of Act 1, but in a good way :) It’ll be nice to finally see it!

    It’s also exciting to hear, a tiny bit of news regarding the new album!

    Love and Best Wishes,

    Frances x

  14. Schimenes says:

    Dear Tarja!
    I’m very anxious waiting for the DVD, my husband almost didn’t stand me anymore (laughs) ’cause I talk about it every day. I also know that I’ll always be vibrating for you and supporting you always. I met your voice at time Oceanborn and I follow your career, including the classic, which you also makes an amazing and beautiful work. congratulations for all this, for your success and happiness to your life and career, you always shine more!
    with love, Schimenes.

  15. Ricardo says:


    • Brian says:

      I couldn’t read the text until I highlighted it.

      Beautiful photo. Congrats to the photographer.

      “Into the Sun” is not available at iTunes Canada. I’m very unhappy about it. :(
      Oh well, I watch the video on YouTube every day. Several times a day. :) Lighting, setting, song, singer: in a word: beautiful.

      My impatience for the release is growing as a result.

      Horns Up!! ;)

  16. German says:

    I love you Tarja. Tomorrow is my birthday (I am a Leo like you) and would be very very very happy if I get a greeting from you, even a small mail, a word, anything.

    I was the night of 30 in the theater “The Circle” and was the most fantastic and beautiful night of my life, and your voice and performance on stage were amazing.

    Really are recording the sounds for your new album?

    Oh my god, it’s great news!

    Many kisses for you and I hope from you a little sign …….. “happy birthday” ….. maybe …….. Please? ……….. you would make me very very happy ……


  17. Muchisimas gracias Tarja por elegir mi foto!
    Sin dudas también es una de mis favoritas, tan solo con ver esa foto me traslada otra vez allí …
    Es un placer poder hacer esto ,ha sido una velada inolvidable que quedará en lo más profundo de mi corazón ,de mis ojos y oídos… Por el resto de mi vida.

    Gracias querida Madamme! Mis mejores deseos para lo que se viene,a esperar con mucho amor! <3

    Morganna Soleilk

    La fecha correcta del día de la foto es: (31.03.12)

  18. Sandra says:

    Hi Tarja!!!

    I’m still very excited to see the DVD!!!! I hope to have it for my 20th Birthday!! :)
    And you know what, you’re a wonderful artist that’s why we (all your fans) love you!!!
    And once again, I loved your show in Paris (February)!!!
    It was the first time that I see you in live, after the support for you after some years now!!You were very great!! I hope to see you again, very soon,here in France!!


    Lot’s of kisses and support ( always and forever) from the South-East of France!!!

  19. Thomas says:

    Lol lovely background, but makes this post almost unreadable ;)

    Beautiful photo anyway! :) Cant wait till Aug 24 !

  20. YOUR ARE A GODDESS.! Come back soon to Paraguay, I Love You.!

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