Your questions :)

Hello dear fans,

We are still working with the artwork, photo galleries and final video editions for ACT I. It has been lot of work and lot of fun. I am very happy to see it coming together very nicely.

In the meantime, I would like to receive your questions about ACT I.

I will choose the most interesting ones and reply them in my post at the end of next week.

You can leave your question with your name where it says, “Leave a Reply” under the photo of this post.


With love, Tarja

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  1. Sarah says:

    Hi Tarja, well maybe i’m one of your smaller fans, but I really love your music. My favorite song is The crying moon. Well, I want to ask you about your favorite thing. Which is your favorite book? Or your favorite song? Or your inspiration? Why you are like you are? Why are you so secure of yourself? Your awsome! When you fall, you get up so easy? I know that maybe I confused you but why? Really Im sorry but I want to say you that Im with you, I love your music, I love your atitude, so I love you. Thank you very much for being like you are. 😀 Be happy and, smile, your awsome.

  2. Bryan Bosch says:

    What inspires you when you’re writing such beautiful melodies,that lifts the mind and soul to another dimension?

    Love your work,your humility and that dark Aura that surrounds you..’

  3. Joey says:

    Hi Tarja, I know you recieve alot of questions like this but I’ve noticed you’ve never played in Ireland however you have been here when you recorded My Winter Storm.

    I was just wondering what was your experience like here and if you have any plans to return for studio time or perhaps even a show? There are some gorgeous Opera houses here (particularly one in a town called Wexford which I Imagine you’d love 😉
    With love, Joey ^^

  4. Maria says:

    Dear Tarja, you are so amazing and nice person. You have so gorgeous voice. I would like to ask: Do you plan to come to Slovakia and what is your relationship to it? Do you plan some children?

  5. Naila says:

    I wonder if you will present “Act I” in “Yenny-El Ateneo” as you did with “Tarja & Harus, live at the Sibelius hall”, and if done, when it would be. Thank you!

  6. Sergi Torrallardona says:

    Hi Tarja!!!

    I’d like to know if there will be any DVD with a concert of your last tour (What lies beneath) recoded? I don’t know if Act 1 will be something like this.
    I saw you in Barcelona last february, and a recoded concert of the tour would be amazing.
    Thanks for all the good musical moments you have been giving to me, during the last years.

    Yours forever, kisses from Catalunya.

    Sorry for my english, but my finnish is worse.

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