My answers

Dear Fans,

Thanks for the interesting questions. Here are my answers.

With love, Tarja


1) How did you choose the songs that were played? what made you choose some and leave out others? Valentine


I decided the songs for the DVD already in December 2011. This mainly because I wanted my band to be able to rehearse and perform all of the songs several times during the final tour with WLB album and get ready for the recordings without any additional pressure. I wanted to include both of my studio albums for the DVD and have a wide selection of songs from them on it.



2) When you realized that the time was right for creating a live DVD?  Shirley Borges


I wanted to have a live release after my second studio album to have more songs to choose from and enough experience that could be reflected in the final product. I started mapping the touring plan for WLB album before its release in 2010 and made a decision to film and record a DVD during the final tour.  I didn’t know at that time yet where and when, but the overall idea was born.


3) Wasn’t it expensive to make that LIVE DVD? Can you perhaps tell us the price you and your band had to pay for it, the camera people, the mixing afterwards, the producers and so on. Do you think you will “balance” the loss you made by producing the live Cd/dvd? Tom

Yes, you are right. It is very expensive to produce a live product like ACT I is, but I wouldn’t like to disclose any numbers to public, since I feel that it is unnecessary to do so. Nowadays when more and more people are bootlegging music from Internet, it is very unfortunate that it is getting difficult for everybody in this business to make new releases happen. If every one of my fans would really decide to buy ACT I, my record company, my band and me would be very happy.



4) I wonder weather there were any “surprises” during the concert in Rosario? Did something funny happen? What did the orchestra, which was also rehearsing in the theatre, think about your project? Ana Hace


Julian, my guitar player forgot that he was meant to push some pedals before his guitar solo in the song “Falling Awake” so when the time of the solo came, he was very far away from his pedal board and needed to run fast to make it just in time! Then I saw a girl dressed like me with the “I walk alone” coat willing to get on stage during the concert, but the security didn’t let her. Some of the orchestra and choir members of the theatre came to take pictures with me during their rehearsal breaks, so there were many fans among them! I was having my photo session for the DVD during one of their rehearsals, so sometimes I heard some shouts like:” Tarja, you are very beautiful” coming from the orchestra J



5) How was your preparation to record the DVD? We all know that you are anxious before every concert and you have your own ways to concentrate. But for something so special did you do something different or you preferred to act as always so it would be easier to keep calm and avoid a bit the anxiety? Myla


I made sure that I did my breathing and singing exercises double as long as normally I do before every concert just to avoid any uncomfortable feelings on stage and to get more confidence in my performance.  I also went through the set list with lyrics and my speeches hundreds of times in my mind before the shows! I took more time and detail to prepare my make up on those nights as well. I needed to check my performing clothes that have been used during last tours that they were still fine or if perhaps they needed some fixing. I also needed to rehearse the quick clothes changes between songs again since the set lists of these concerts were different.


6) What inspired you for “ACT I” DVD? Anne Lumi

I wanted to make a nice product not only for those people who have already been in my concerts and can revisit the experience, but also especially for those who haven’t yet been able to see what a live concert of mine is about.

7) What kind of photos will be included in the DVD/CD booklet? Only professional photos from both of the concerts or you will put also some of the theatre photosessions and fan photographs? Mario Bikarski

The DVD, CD, blu-ray and the Vinyl booklets will have only professional photos, but on the DVD / blu-ray you will find two different photo galleries. One of the galleries was done with photos from my fans that I chose myself and the other one includes personal photos from the band and me during the final tour. These photo galleries will have more than 100 photos each. The mediabook will have a book with live photos from Rosario shows from 3 different professional photographers.


8) Will there be any backstage footage? From being tour, to preparing for the recordings at the venue, to relaxing once it was all over, etc. Frances

We were not filming any backstage footage for this DVD release during my tours. The problem in preparing this kind of documentary is that we should hire a film crew to do that job. I feel it is too invasive and uncomfortable to have people around with cameras in our bus or backstage when there is a chance to rest or concentrate before a show. I do enjoy walking the beautiful cities we are visiting instead and I am sure the band and crew appreciate their privacy too.


9) You choose “Nemo” and “The Phantom Of The Opera” as songs for the CDs as well. Why? I always felt like you really love “Nemo” but now I want to know it precisely. What is the reason for your choice? Victoria

I wanted to have one duet for my DVD so “The Phantom of the Opera” seemed the right choice and having Diego Valdez singing the song with me felt natural since we had performed the song together before. I could trust that everything would go fine with it. “Nemo” is a song that I have kept in my set list throughout the years and performed it time to time. Now for the DVD it felt a correct choice that people could enjoy it being the biggest hit of my previous band.


10) We know, you love the Teatro El Circulo, but ?you choose Rosario for something special? Brenda

The decision to film and record in Rosario happened mainly because of the beauty of the theatre itself and the love of the local people.



11) So I would like to know how does it feels when you´re there filming your DVD and the crowd just went crazy song after song and started to scream your name and salute you for every note that you sang. Did you heart stoped, what came into your mind seeing all of this coming from the love and the joy from your fans. Priscilla Maria


Another reason to film my DVD in Argentina was basically the fact that the people are giving so much love for me there. I wanted everybody all over the world to be able to experience that beautiful energy that I enjoyed during those nights in Rosario. It is very overwhelming and emotional to see the reaction of my fans and I have to admit that there were many moments that I was ready to burst in tears just because I was so happy. I sing today with the wings that my amazing fans everywhere are giving me.


12) How was it to travel all around the countries which you’ve seen with your ‘What Lies Beneath’ tour, the past 2 years, with your entire band; and meeting lots of different people from many different countries? Thomas

Incredible! I feel it’s a great gift given to me. I will have many beautiful memories to cherish for the rest of my life. I have always liked travelling, but to be able to work and see the world at the same time, I feel privileged. Of course there are already several places I’ve been, but there are many more still to conquer! My fans have given me this gift and I truly appreciate it.


13) My dear Tarja, although you are Finnish you live a significant part of the year in Buenos Aires, was this for you the (main) reason to use (for instance) the Rosario-concert for the live-recording or did you also thought about recording one of the european concerts?? Henry

I have already recorded and filmed my concert in Kuusankoski, Finland in 2007 that I offered as a free download to my fans. I considered many places in Europe for the recordings of ACT I, but finally the theatre location in Rosario made my decision.



14) Why didnt you record it on Mexico?? the place was beatiful also, and we were so freaking loud ! Ricardo

Yes you were loud and amazing too! I had a great time in Mexico City again with you guys J I didn’t know the theatre in Mexico City before since I had never performed there, but the theatre in Rosario I had been before and mainly that was the reason I wanted to record my first DVD there. You cannot film and record a DVD just on the go. We had to do lot of preparations for it long in advance.


15) You’ve already recorded two DVDs at the time you were a member of Nightwish, comparing today what the hardest part of making this Act1, since now you participate in all stages and processes of its creation. What most touched you? Schimenes


Everything takes a lot of time and effort in the production of a new release. ACT I was not an exception.

To get all the gear needed for the recording and filming of the DVD to the city of Rosario was hard. We had to bring most of the gear with us from Buenos Aires and the transportation was not easy. Also the theatre itself had their daily schedules, so matching ours to theirs was a hard job. After the tour I had to go through the video edits, artwork, photos, mixing and mastering process millions of times to make everything sound and look great. And I am still on it! I am working with several people at the same time trying all of them to make their very best out of it. It is hard, but at the same time fun and rewarding when you finally see the miracles happen!  I am very proud of ACT I as my first live DVD. It shows the people who I am as an artist today the best way possible. I have tried my very best to make a nice package for my fans to enjoy it, so it can’t go wrong J The atmosphere in Teatro el Círculo on both nights touched me deeply. It was overwhelming! So much love in the air.


16) How different is to perform on a theatre stage for you, how do the contact with the fans and the feedback from them change? Eleonora


The atmosphere is totally different in theatre concerts than in a rock club or ice hall shows. I would say that while the audience is seated, they pay a lot more attention to the concert and even see the details during the concert and appreciate them much easier than in an ordinary rock show. If you are a tiny person, you always need to find a good spot where you can follow the concert without having a struggle and fight with a huge person in front of you! In the theatre you can relax, enjoy the performance without anybody disturbing your little space. My music has so much dynamic changes that for me it is like a dream come true to be able to make concerts in theatres where the acoustics are way better than in rock clubs.

It has always happened to me in theatres that at the beginning of my concerts the audience is more careful in showing their feelings. Closer to the end, everybody gets up and runs to the front of the stage to salute us. So far what I have heard from my fans, they have truly enjoyed my concerts in theatres as well because it gives them the chance to experience something new.



17) What kind of cosmetics do you prefer to use at concerts to look so gorgeous? What are your favorite companies? Calypso

I use several different cosmetic labels. For daily skin care I use Darphin products, for make up I prefer Dior, Mac and Make up store.

18) I was wondering if you are planning a US tour in the future? Ryan

I am working very hard to be able to come back to USA again with my music. It only depends on the promoters willing to bring me over. I am really missing my fans in US and I feel their love every day. I hope a tour or at least some concerts in your country could happen with my new studio album.


19) Dear Tarja, I am pleased, that I have to give the question: will be available, ACT1, and in the Czech Republic? What is your relationship to it? Lucy

Yes, it is going to be released in your country. So you should be able to find my ACT I in the local stores pretty soon.

I have always enjoyed performing in Czech Republic where my fans are very supportive. I am sure that I will be having more concerts and even some classical performances there in the near future.



20) Why does it call “Act I”? Do you intend to do Act II and so on? Viviane Oliveira


ACT I is just the beginning and it is represented by one night’s performance. Actually two nights. What happened during those nights in Rosario won’t ever happen again in the same way. Every concert is naturally different, because of its atmosphere, the people, the location, my feelings etc. Teatro el Círculo is an opera theatre and like in the operas, acts are the parts of the opera itself. This is my first act and hopefully there will be many more to come in the future!



21) Which one of the songs you sang, it’s the most emotive for you?? Eduardo


I cannot really say which song is the most emotional or even the most important to me because all of my songs are telling different stories with different emotions involved. In general I love performing the ballads because I can feel and see easily the emotions of my fans during those songs and that makes me sing and perform better every time.



22) Do you feel the love of your fans each concert? How was in this one? Eduardo


I actually do feel that and it is SO magical experience. I would really miss that feeling a lot if I were not an artist anymore. The concerts in Rosario were not an exception. The fans were incredible there.



23) How important are your fans to you? Eduardo

Without them there wouldn’t be me as an artist, so I think that says it all.



24) You and the guys were nervous before the show? What happened after the show? Eduardo


Everybody was very nervous before the first show in Rosario. I could feel and see the tension in each one of our faces because it was finally the time to show what we have been working on for so long together. There was a lot of pressure in the air, but it all disappeared when the show began. It was very demanding and challenging for everybody in the band and crew to make these two concerts happen, but we had a chance to rehearse everything several times during the long tours we had done together. The preparations for the recording and filming started already long before I even knew where and when the DVD would be finally recorded.

After the first night, we discussed what went wrong, what should be done better on the next day and had a glass of wine together. After the second and more relaxing night, we celebrated the successful recordings with a great champagne and good jokes! It was a wonderful relief.



25) Will we have a studio version of INTO THE SUN & NEVER ENOUGH, or until your next CD? Eduardo

Both of these songs are going to be released in my new studio album next year. I will produce them differently for the album. Especially Never Enough has been a lot of fun in the studio already! I am sure you will be surprised about it when you get to hear it. Maybe you won’t recognize it anymore as the same song!!


26) I gave you a drawing at your concert here in Brussels in february. I would love to know what you have done with it ? Phaedra Termont

If there is a chance and space in my luggage, I always try to bring all the gifts back home that are given to me during the tours. So I am sure your drawing is safe and sound in my “ fan museum” at home.



27) Does “Never Enough” will be a single? Katarzyna


I haven’t decided myself to release the song “Never enough” as a single release from ACT I. That is up to the record company’s plan.



28) The fact you have choosen Rosario, Argentina (not my city, but my country) means you like us, as your audience, I’d like to know, Were we the public you were expecting? Could you feel, as we could, our passion for your music, our love – As we felt the energy you pass on in every song you played? Lorena Iglesias


Yes, one of the reasons to film this DVD in Argentina was the fact that the local audience has always welcomed me very warmly there so I could already kind of expect the amazing and kind reaction of my fans in Rosario. It was very emotional experience for me. Funny though, on the first night I felt that the audience was a bit more nervous about the filming and recording like I was myself, but on the second night the atmosphere was more relaxed in both sides: on stage as well as in the audience J



29) What is the reason for a new record label to release the “Act 1? and not do it with “Universal Music” improve the distribution especially in Latin America countries such as Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru? Kisses Emanuel Bracamonte


I wanted to have a partner who would be interested and ready to take the challenge to work on my very first worldwide DVD release. Universal was not ready for a live album, so I found another label for it.



30) The choice of where the DVD was gonna be recorded was hard? Have you thought of a big venue? What have you thought before finally choose Teatro El Circulo? Savio Medeiros


I performed with my band in the same theatre one year before and fell in love with the beauty of the place immediately. Since that experience I was always keeping that location in my mind for the DVD recordings one day. I think that this kind of theatre suits perfect to present my music. Because my background is in classical music and the fact that there is a huge variety of elements and dynamics in my music today. The theatre itself brings totally different and warmer atmosphere for the concert and the acoustics are amazing, even for distortion! I am sure that many of my fans have never been in a place like this before, so this could be a new, nice experience for them too. I would love to make a complete tour only in theatres one day!



31) what kind of feelings you wanted to transmit on that show? You have fulfilled your expectations? Rodrigo


I perform each of my songs in a way I see and feel them. I like to use my voice as another instrument and tell stories with it. I think it is quite easy to see how happy I was during the shows in Rosario and the connection between my audience and me was very warm. Every night is a different performance and nothing repeats itself, so that happens as well with my emotions. I usually get very touched by the reaction of my fans and this was not an exception in Rosario. These concerts were a dream come true to me.


32) I would like to know if you have something to do with the artwork of the CD/DVD covers, I’ve read some negative opinions about them, personally I loved them but I’m curious if you participate with this ideas or you are just following instructions? Sahara

I am absolutely deciding everything concerning artwork and discussing ideas with the people we are hiring, for example the photographer and graphic designer. It was my idea to take different pictures for different formats of ACT I, as I always like to do. It was also my idea to take those pictures in the tether and I didn’t have a stylist or anybody telling me how I should look. I am not letting anything to be decided without my approval since everything goes through my hands. In my producer role I also take care who plays in my songs, what they need to play, who is mixing the album and how that process along with mastering should go. Same for the video editing or for all the photos that you will see related to Act I. I am involved in every single part of the production of each one of my releases. It is a lot of responsibility, but I really enjoy my artistic freedom today more than ever.


33) Will there be an ‘Act 1? Tour?And if there will be a tour, could you please come to Norway? Regina


I consider the tours that I have done with both of my studio albums as part of a long ACT I tour. ACT I is a live release filmed and recorded on my final tour with What Lies Beneath album. You will see me back on road with my new studio album, but before that I will need to get the album finished. I would love to visit Norway again. It has been too long ever since I was performing there and the Norwegian fans have been very supportive.


34) Will there be any DVDs available in the United States?

Julia Bullock

Yes, an official release of ACT I will happen in the USA as well. Now you can find a list of all the countries that will release it and the record company is adding more to the list as soon as they have them confirmed. Check here:




35) Why Poison was not included on the DVD and not on the tour this year? Thais Reis

Because I was playing the song on my tours before and I had enough covers chosen already for the DVD.


36) ¿Qué canciones te hubieran gustado que estén para este DVD que no hayan estado? y ¿qué te pasaba por la mente cuando te comenzaron a grabar? Alexis

All the songs that I wanted to be included on the DVD are there, because it was my selection of songs. I didn’t really think of the cameras and filming during the concerts in Rosario. I guess it would have affected my performance in a negative way and it wouldn’t have been natural. I was nervous before the concerts, but that nervousness disappeared soon after I walked to the stage. I saw all the beautiful people cheering in front of me and wanted to have the best time with them.


37) Where does the lady with the mask begin and when does the lady in the white dress come to start? May

I always like to go from the darkness to light during my shows. But both extremes are a part of me too.


38) what precautions you take with your hair? Eduardo

I use good hair care products from Kerastase or Bed Head. My hair is very thin “Nordic-like”, so normally I need to use products that are helping me to get more volume in it. Also a good conditioner is very important, since my hair during tours is heavily “stressed” every night. I have a great hairdresser who I visit every time I get back home from tours.


39) in this case, ACT I, wich one would you say is the “main energy”, the “deep soul” of this particular recopilation?? Tarjista

Main energy: the connection between my audience and me. Deep soul: the music itself.


40) Are you pleased enough with the result? Would you like to change something ? And one more question, did you use any special effects on the dvd? Marianna

I am very pleased with ACT I. Of course if I would have loved to have much more time to work on the audio mix, the video edits etc there might have been some room for little changes, but sometimes it is better to draw a line and say that this is how far I go now. These kinds of things are anyway matter of taste and I know from my experience that it’s impossible to please everybody. I didn’t want to use any obvious effects like pyros or screens on my first live DVD, but instead beautiful lights and lasers. The music itself needs to speak on this release.


41) Into the sun will have video? ?Why never came to light Witch Hunt??Is witch hunt may be included in the single Into the sun or some special edition DVD or single? Ricardo Tovar

“Into the sun” will have a video since it’s going to be the single release from ACT I. Is a bit different from the images of the live video you will find in the concert. But it is still a live video. I am not planning to make another music video for the same song. Witch hunt is one song that I was working with some time ago and decided to leave it out from my album since I didn’t feel the song for that album. This doesn’t mean that it won’t see the light of day somehow.


42) ¿en que punto de tu carrera consideras que te encuentras actualmente? Enkeli Ramirez

I feel that right now I have found a perfect place for me in the world of music. I have made lots of concerts all over the world and met beautiful people everywhere. I am very grateful to be able to make an international career on my own as a woman in rock. I believe in my dreams and I fight hard to make them come true.


43) How many “Acts” you consider to perform along your solo career? What method do you use to choice the musician you joined to you? Ignacio


If God gives me the chance, I would do as many acts as possible in the future! Choosing the musicians is always a long process to me and there is no other methods or reasons for them to get involved rather than their sound and way of playing. Each of my musicians is professional session musicians and has been performing in several different music styles before sharing the stage with me.  There is always to consider if they are available when I decide to do a tour as this is not a band and they might have other compromises too. For ACT I I wanted to have them all there like a big band and it worked perfectly. It helps to present better the music as I originally recorded it.


44) what do you want that the people see when they get to play your DVD? What do you want to convey? what is your intention with this DVD? Celeste

I hope they can see how happy I am nowadays as an artist. That happiness is pure and honest. I want the people all over the world to see what happened in Rosario on those 2 beautiful nights and my fans to enjoy the emotional drive through I had. I wish this DVD would find it’s way to many of my fans hands.


45) If in only one word you must say: The best and more difficult during the procces of creation this DVD? Belén


Best: the opportunity. Most difficult: the production


46) In the last tour you always changed your setlist, from city to city (as you said: you wanted to have all the songs ready and kicking when the time of the recordings would come). Are you going to do the same in the next tour or it was for DVD? Vesta

These preparations of many songs during tours were needed only for the DVD recording and filming. I don’t think it is necessary to repeat the same on my next tours, because especially then I will be promoting my new studio album.


47) How do you chose the songs from your new CD that you introduce to the audience in advance at the concerts? I mean Into the sun is just amazing. Do you take your own favourite songs for pre-publishing or pic them “by chance”??Are you excited about how the audience will react to the new songs? Nadine

I chose “Into the Sun” and “Never enough” for my set list mainly because I was convinced they are great live songs. I felt they could fit perfectly to my performance, which they did. Like happens every time, I cannot please every one of my fans with my decisions, but I can hope you will like the songs too.



48) Why didn’t you release the whole ACT I DVD through the pledge platform which would have meant you would have been totally independent from your label and then your fans will be your label? Or maybe you will release your 3rd rock album through the pledge after testing that the fan edition of ACT I-pledge has worked out pretty well? If you decide to do this, it will be successful for sure! So many fans want to support you in so many ways! Devora


Still Pledge is brand new and it was a good idea to try it with some special items from ACT I. It seems it has been working very good so far. The people at Pledge are very happy and we are planning a project that could be something we will do together, exclusively in that platform during next year.



49) Did you chose to make the DVD, right now, because you want to make a break in the future (stop music for a while), or it is because you would like to make more shows in opera and theater in your future? Sandra


I am working on my new studio album right at this moment, so I am not planning to have any long break in my musical career. I would love to have more classical concerts in the near future, yes, but the release of ACT I have nothing to do with that fact. The performance happened in an opera theatre, that’s all.



50) Will be on ACT I. documentary? I mean, small interview with people around Tarja Turunen and ACT I (for example with photographer of the new photoshoot, costume designer, makeup artists, sound engineer, band members etc.)? It will be interesting Janka


There is going to be an interview with me and a shorter interview with the band members.


51) Which one song from the setlist was the most demanding one to perform and why? Boris


“The reign.” I was walking and singing among the people during that song. I hardly could hear the background music while people were so loud next to me and shouting in my ears and that made my performance a bit more difficult than normally J To be able to feel the love of my audience and fans so close by and see their expressions and emotions it is overwhelmingly beautiful. You people give me so much energy and love! In Rosario during the filming, there was not much space to move around, so many people were stepping on my dress. But in the end, I will never forget those beautiful moments. In some venues in Europe the local security people didn’t allow me to do the same thing, because they were afraid that something bad would happen to me. I tried to convince them that if someone wants to harm me, they would do it anywhere, anytime. My fans are not the ones trying to hurt me. They have come to my concert to support me. This was anyway many times just waist of time, since the venue rules were too tight L


52) Is there a possibility that ACT II would be a ´Beauty and the Beat´ concert? Nadine

Beauty and the Beat is a side project of mine, like for example Harus is and a totally different concept of a concert than my rock concerts are. ACT I is about my solo career. I would rather keep them separated.


53) Is there any particular reason why you haven’t used any pyros in your live concerts, especially in these 2 concerts in Rosario, filmed for the dvd? Mary

The theatre itself wouldn’t allow any usage of pyros, since it’s an ancient, historical and most of all a national theatre. Second of all, I didn’t even want to consider using pyros on my first live DVD. I think that is something you can see in almost every metal genre live DVD. I believe in the beauty of great light effects, different atmospheres and the music itself. In a rock concert, when the pyros are making the show, there must be something lacking on stage…



54) You always look radiant on and outside of the stage. Especially on recent photos from Act I covers.? We are all dying to know what is your exercise and diet regime that you have developed over years and stick to? Irina

First of all I am not on a diet at all… I just exercise a lot during my free time and singing itself keeps me in a good shape. I run, swim and make an aerobic gym program many times a week. Eating healthy food has always been important to me, but sometimes I also crave and fall for some great salmiakki J


55) I noticed that on the cover of the CD “Act I” on you’re wearing a white dress. This dress was sewn specially for photo shoot “Act I” or for a tour? Svetlana

Yes. I wanted to have something new, but not too different from the one in black that I was using already.



56) ¿Estará en el DVD Crimson Deep? Billy Ismael


You can find the song Crimson Deep in all the configurations of ACT I.

57) How different did it feel to do this live DVD/Blu-ray/CD-recording from your previous live recordings with Nightwish (From Wishes to Eternity, End of an Era)? Were you more nervous this time or were you less nervous now that you have more experience? Isabelle


Well I could say that almost everything was different this time than at the time when I was in the band. Just the fact that I have been involved in every part of the planning, brainstorming, producing and developing my own live DVD makes the biggest difference. On ACT I you can see a performance from an independent solo artist. I might have been more nervous before than I was now when it came the time to walk to the stage. The reason might be that I have gone through a lot of different experiences in music after those recordings with Nightwish.



58) How do you select which photos (out of the ones the fans sent in for the contest) you want to use? What is the process? I can imagine you must get thousands of pictures, and it must take a lot of time. Laura


The selection this time took a lot of time because there were several thousands of photos to choose from. I did the first selection of photos based on the simple fact that they capture my attention somehow. Second time I went through them, I checked those similar ones and chose the ones I prefer. The picture needs to have something to tell me. Maybe you have been able to capture my emotions in your picture and that is always so nice to see. Or there is a great and unique moment of my show shown in the photo.



59) Did you cut out the things you say to the fans in between the songs, or are those also on the DVD? I really like what you say during concerts. Laura


I didn’t cut any of my speeches out. Actually nobody from the band nor me got to the studio afterwards to fix any parts or to re record things. So everything what you hear on the DVD is a pure live recording as it happened on those nights. I don’t like when artists are recording their live shows again in the studio.



60) Do you do your hair and makeup for concerts yourself, or do you have a make-up artist/hairdresser? Laura


I usually do my own make up and hair in my concert tours, but in a special occasion like the DVD filming was, I want always to have a little help from professional hairstylist. The make up still I prefer to make on my own. I have many years of experience in that and it can be risky to let someone new to do it for the first time in an important event like this. In Finland I do have a make up artist who has been working with me several years and does my make up every time for magazine photo shootings etc. She is the best!



61) My question is about the name of “Act 1?, is like an Opera, a lovely face of your work, but, did you get inspiration of one Opera in particular? Wich is your favorite one, or your favorite composer, caracter? Micaela Hanisch


I was not really thinking any operas in particular when preparing my first live DVD. I thought just that the location was perfect. I have several favourite operas: Tosca, La Boheme, Norma etc. I adore Puccini as an opera composer in general and Mimi is my favourite role. I love singing Mimi.



62) The real question is if you are the one that design that LOVELY dresses that you use in the show. Gloria


I am designing most of my performing clothes together with my dear Finnish friend and dressmaker Sirja. On the other hand I have a sponsorship with a fashion label Nordenfeldt, so they are providing me some clothes as well. I always talk a lot about their new designs together with the designer, so that she knows what is necessary for my performances.



63) Which song from DVD/CD was the most difficult one to compose? Jana


Composing wise I would say the song “I feel immortal”. I received a rough demo from this song from my record label and didn’t like it as it was at that time, but they did! I tried to make the song fit to the rest of my music, so I made a lot of changes in it. The production of the same song was not an easy task either, since I was battling with the label people that usually have a different understanding about music.



64) Dear Tarja, I wonder what music did you feel emotionally and technically more difficult to sing in this concert? Evandro


The songs “Crimson Deep” and “Still of the night” are the most demanding songs to sing live.



65) My question is, why you choose 3 different covers to dvd, blu ray and cd? Vanessa


I like to offer my fans more options and I am really working hard to make my releases look nice. Myself I always like when artists are putting a bit more thought and time to their artworks.



66) I want to ask you how you got the idea to write Into The Sun? Polina

I was with my Swedish writer friends on the Swedish coast, sitting in a lovely terrace beside the sea and it was a beautiful sunny day. The place was stunning and very inspiring so I wanted to write a positive song about life. What it was very present at that moment was the sun nearly blinding us. It was a feeling that no matter where we would look at, we were already getting into the sun.



67) During your tour I heard many times that some videos will be recorded from ‘common’ concerts. Is that true? And if so, will this material be included in ‘Act I’? Roman

Finally we decided to film a complete concert for ACT I instead of having different concerts. Maybe the procedure will change for ACT II or III.


68) Concerning the artwork for Act 1, what inspired the poses and designs of the photos, DVD, CD and Blu-ray cover? Lilliene

The theatre itself was the reason and inspiration to take those photos there. I wanted my cover artwork to represent a strong, theatrical image of me, but still stay simple in design.



69) What is the meaning behind the lyrics of ‘Never Enough’? Rasmus Tomi R. Fahlander


I never want to explain the deeper meaning of my lyrics to anyone, because I think it will spoil your freedom to interpret the songs as you feel them. Anyway I can tell you that the song is about us, people having very short memory in general. You can remember one bad thing that happened to you for the rest of your life, but you don’t consider and appreciate all the good memories long enough.


70) You know you inspire a lot of young (and not so young) singers. Some of them have started to take vocal lessons, they try to improve their technique, they have certain troubles on stage and they want to know if you yourself still have any specific difficulties performing in a show such as the one that was recorded for “Act I” – and how you deal with them. So could you tell us what specific problems (if any) you sometimes run in while performing? Has it ever happened to you that you ran out of breath? Do you never tend to “swallow” a sound? You know, the vocal-technical stuff… Tanja

There are several things that I still need to keep in mind during my performances. Not specifically I have technical problems in singing, but every day the body and the voice gives you different kinds of signs. Signs of tiredness, lack of humidity etc. I have to drink a lot of water during my concerts to keep my vocal chords moist. Also I am hardly ever singing without in-ear monitors that are helping me to regulate the volume of the music and instruments I need to hear in order to sing better along with my music. Since the noise on the stage is really loud, this way I don’t need to start pushing with my voice, but instead I can stay relaxed during my performance. Breathing technique is also very important factor through all these years of hard work. When your body gets tired after being on tour for weeks and after singing many concerts, I need to pay more attention to my breathing. So that is not rising up to my shoulders and chest, but still staying as relaxed, deep breathing in the lower part of the body. I do my vocal and breathing exercises every day even while on tour. If I get sick with flu during tours, I just have to trust my singing and breathing techniques to help me go through the trouble. It is never good for you to sing sick though and it can be really hard not only physically, but mentally as well. I also carefully choose the order of the songs for my set lists in order to have enough time to drink, catch a breath during or between the songs. I am hardly ever putting the most demanding songs one after another in my concerts.



71) At the beginning of your concerts usually plays a composition “If you believe”. The concert, recorded on the disc “Act 1?, begins with the same composition? Why did you choose “If you believe” as the intro to the concert? Alexander Frolov


Yes, “If you believe” starts the concert in ACT I too. I think it suits perfectly for the beginning of the show, creating tense atmosphere before we musicians enter the stage. I prefer using my own song as an intro and outro instead of “borrowing” songs from some other bands/artists. This happens too many times in the world of music in general.



72) A little bit off topic, but still I wonder, this mask you wear for example in the teaser trailer… Does it has a meaning, even if only to you, and will we see more photos of you wearing it? Anna


My song “Anteroom of death” is talking about people wearing masks in their lives. People usually hide behind their masks that they themselves create. The mask has just that symbolic meaning to me. And it is a nice mask that was created for the photo sessions of What Lies Beneath, so it is a unique one.



73) At your concerts you always sing with soul. Is there a difference between a self-expression on regular concert and on concert recorded on video? What is more comfortable for you? Anna


The fact that there are cameras around and you have only one chance to give your very best, brings along tension and stress. That is not luckily happening every day! It is not the same feeling in my regular shows even though I know that my audience is bringing their cameras with them and before I even get back to my hotel room after the show, the concert is already available in Youtube! J

Anyways, I cannot sing without my soul. Singing is a work of your soul. No matter the conditions given, no matter if the event happen to be recorded. I always try to give my best to the listeners. They deserve that from me every time. Is just the nervousness that sometimes can make me a bit shaky in the beginning, but that luckily normally vanishes immediately when I start to sing.



74) Did the fact to sing your songs in a theatre – and not in a “normal” gig’s place – change your way to perform them ? Were the feelings differents ? Camille


Yes, the location is always affecting to my performance one way or another. If I feel that the place is perfect in representing my music, I also feel more relaxed and happy to sing. During these 2 concerts in Rosario I enjoyed the theatre atmosphere, it’s acoustics and beauty very much, so did my band and the audience. Sometimes I just got very emotional only by looking how beautiful everything looked from the stage point of view. It was magical! In other words, choosing the right venue for my shows is always important.



75) I`d like to ask you why after so many years you wanted to perform in Rosario in that beautiful and cute outfit from clip My Winter Storm? Does it have any dear memories to you? And why was you in it only in Rosario, though you had many concerts but you didn`t use it. Daria


I decided that after My Winter Storm tour I was not going to keep on using it. I love to change my outfits according to the album concept. That coat represents the song “I walk alone”. But of course for my first live DVD I wanted to have it back since both of my albums are represented on ACT I.



76) My question is does overall popularity in countries affect the release dates of things like “Act I” and the “Into the Sun” single? Elaine


Record label and their partners have a release date planned and then each territory may have circumstances where they push their release back for some days according to their logistics. The popularity has nothing to do with it.



77) What is your secret for keeping your voice and body in top form throughout your performance of “Act 1?? Brian


There are no secrets. My singing condition depends totally on me rehearsing and keeping my body in condition. More I train, better I will become in singing and my body keeps strong muscle strength and memory. I need to drink a lot of water, do my breathing and singing exercises daily and then beside of singing, I do sports many times a week.



78) I’m also interested what made you choose Tim Palmer for the mix of all the recorded material. Jan


I know him, not only as a professional producer and engineer, but also as a person. I am blessed that I can choose with whom to work with nowadays. He has been working with several different styles throughout this career, so he has an open sound and mind in his mixes. His experience as a mixing engineer and producer is amazing. I specially have always loved the way he is working with singers. You can Google Tim Palmer and you will discover a good amount of very fine contemporary music that went through his fingers.



79) in part or days Recording ACT I which you like best? and what was the busiest day i more tiring for you? Carol


I loved singing on the stage and feeling all that love in the air. That definitely was the best part of the filming process.

Two days before the first concert I had photo shootings and full days of band and camera rehearsals. Those were hard and long days. Add to that that I didn’t get too much of sleep during the nights, since I started being nervous about the filming.



80) In your concerts the stage is pretty much clean – I mean, besides the curtain in anteroom of death there are basically no other features in the show, like fireworks, stage-decoration, projected images or whatever other effects can be used nowadays, only the musicians. And my question is: why did you choose to perform like this? Also, in the future, how do you plan your concerts to be in this aspect (decoration in general)? Julia H


For the future I am hoping to add more theatrical elements to my show like in a musical or an opera, rather than lots of explosions and flames. Take the example of a big artist like Paul McCartney who is using pyros only in ONE song in three hours concert he is giving. He definitely has the resources to use them in every song if he wishes to. For me, music is more important. For that reason for the video I invited more musicians to take part in the show. I wanted them to be seen and heard clearly and to make my music richer. About screens, I have seen bands like U2 or Roger Waters using them cleverly, but is a common place for many artists to misuse them. So again, pyros and screens are an easy way to hide what is happening on stage and the music what is been performed. In a bigger stage the special Fx makes a lot more sense than in a smaller theatre.



81) We all know you pay great attention to preparing yourself before going on stage. Speaking of preparing mentally, what were the words you’d told yourself before the show of ACT I started? Katja


More or less like that: Just go for it and enjoy!



82) When planning the setlist of the show, do you consider the songs from the point of view of best fan reaction? I mean, is there any song that you (probably) don’t feel like performing but you include it in the setlist because fans respond greatly to it and vice versa? Katja


All the songs that I choose to my set list are the songs that I like to perform. The order depends more or less of the style of each song. I usually don’t like to sing too many similar songs one after another because I don’t want to bore my audience nor myself. I want to keep my concerts sparkling and emotional. Neither I like to perform the songs that are more demanding vocally together because that takes a lot of energy and strength from me. I have to have some “air” in between them.



83) Act I is going to be released as CD/DVD/Blu-Ray and Vinyl editions. Any chance of pursuing technology even further with 3D Audio/Video Blu-Ray for the next releases (whatever that might be)? Tatyana


I would love to explore further the enchanting fast developing technology that we have in hands today. Why not?



84) So, is there any chance to see you performing in theaters in other countries as well? Kinga


I think I answered this already somewhere else, but I would love to make a whole tour only in theatres in the future. It would be very demanding and difficult to make it happen technically, but very nice. The problem usually in theatres is that they don’t have any own equipment, like PA, lights etc, so we should bring all those along with us like we did in Rosario. This would be very costly and hard to organize. On the other hand the promoters in general working with the bands and artists like me are not used to work with opera houses, so that brings another kind of problems to the table. Anyway, I would love to try it out one day!



85) Why you decided to put so many songs on the dvd? Jèssica

I believe it is more interesting for my fans to see the complete set of songs that we had prepared for these concerts. I wanted to make it special for everybody.



86) Those 2 concerts in Rosario this year were the best shows of your solo career? or would you choose another show as the best one? Agustin


Every concert is very different in mood. I cannot really say which concert was the best one from my solo career, since there has been so many of them in many different countries. It is rather impossible to name one single concert as the best! The shows in Rosario were really nice, but there have been others amazing concerts as well.



87) Is there anything in completing this project that has fascinated you more than all the others and therefore you marked forever? Giovani de Souza Pimentel


It is impossible for an artist to go to perform in every city of each country all over the world. With this DVD at least people that have never been able to come to see my show, can get their chance to see what it is all about. That is very exciting to me. This DVD is showing who am I as an artist today.



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