Official Video for ‘Into The Sun’ unveiled

We are proud to share with you the official video for ‘Into The Sun’.  It is part of the upcoming DVD / Blu-Ray ”Act 1′, which was filmed and recorded on two show nights this March 2012 in Rosario, Argentina, at the Teatro El Círculo. We hope you like it!


You can preorder the DVD and all other ‘Act I’ products here! Enjoy!

Posted By Marcus

32 Responses to “Official Video for ‘Into The Sun’ unveiled”

  1. Vadim Mishustin Rostov says:

    Oh Tarja! You are is the sun! Rostov love you!

  2. Hannah says:

    I have gloves VERY similar to yours! With that in mind, I feel honored to be wearing them! <3
    Like so many others, I'm DYING to buy Act 1! Unfortunetly for me, I live in the US, so I will have to wait until September… 🙁
    I await a US tour someday Tarja! 🙂

  3. Konstantin says:

    Hi, Tarja!
    Let’s congratulate you with that, I pledged for the vinyl set. Well, it was a bold step with Universal;) I think this was right. Peter Gabriel told: “in our times We are not what we read, and even not what we listen, but – we are that what we see”. So visual experience may dominate nowadays. By the way, I saw in novelties in Moscow the new Bluray of PG – Secret World. Remastered from the 16mm film, of course… So I thought – where was your bluray???

    The choice of Rosario für recording was good. But any places could be also suitable:) For example, Moscow Kremlin Palace – you know, you could gather even more people hall there, if you want;)

    Well, good luck with this beautiful set, and good sales.


    P.S. I left also some comments for “Your answers”.

  4. Marcelina says:

    OMG! Wonderful video and beautiful song! I can’t wait for the DVD!

  5. Nalon (Ricarda) says:

    Hello Tarja,

    The video makes me curious about your DVD.
    Are you doing a second video for the song? That were very nice:)

    All the Best to you and Band (and Marcelo)


  6. Emmi says:

    Todellakin tykkäsin tosta videosta ja katsoin sen pariinkin kertaan. Nyt en vaan millään maltais odottaa sitä Blu-raytä, et pääsisin kattoo sen konsertin kokonaan 😀

  7. Anna says:

    Dearest Tarja!
    This is a very, very beautiful song. Although I miss the power in it, I don´t know, it is very calm, nearly slack.
    Maybe I feel like this because I´m not in the mood for calm, more classic-based songs now, I don´t know. No offense there, to me you still are the best female singer of the world 😉
    Love from Germany!

  8. Lilliene says:

    I am absolutley stunnedat the flawless beauty of this!!!!! AndI am now starved for the complete release of Act 1!!!!!!!!!!:D

  9. demogoreon says:

    dear tarja,
    i want to thank you very much.
    into the sun helps me through some very hard times right now.
    i hope i can stop fear the ending and find a beginning!
    i love you!
    demogoreon, germany

  10. Nacho says:

    Hermosa Tarja, como siempre!

  11. Pablo says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!! la canción es bellisima y el video es hermoso…

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