Last chance to order the ‘Act I’ Mediabook!

Only one week left until ‘Act I‘ finally hits stores! And only a few days left to order the Vinyl and Mediabook  which are exclusively available via Pledge until August 24th 2012.  The Mediabook features a 80 pages booklet, 2 CD’s and 3 DVD’s.  Have a look here:

Click here to order!

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28 Responses to “Last chance to order the ‘Act I’ Mediabook!”

  1. Germán says:

    Hola quería saber cuanto costaría todo en total, y si hoy viernes 24/8 ya va a estar disponible en musimundo o algunos lugares para poder comprarlo, quiero comprarlo si o sigracias, espero respuesta, soy de capital buenos aires

  2. Belen Lopez says:

    Hoy! 24 de agosto, llega Act 1 a las tiendas..
    Te ví en Córdoba el 27 de Marzo, y me encantas Tarja!

  3. Luciana Cascardo says:

    Tarja, I’m just counting the days for 24th… Is Tomorrow!!! I need Act I!!!! I have no doubt that it will be perfect, and I’ve beem waiting for a Dvd of you for years, I’m really happy!!! I know that Act I will be the most beautiful thing I will see in this year!!!! I’m just waiting to buy!!! Thank you for this wonderful gift for your fans, Tarja! We just love you!!!! <3

  4. Tiina says:

    Hei Tarja!

    Myöhästyneet syntymäpäiväonnittelut myös minulta! Olin katsomassa Helsingissä ennakkonäytöksessä Act 1-dvd:tä ja se oli aivan mahtava! Blu-ray julkaisu on jo ennakkovarattu ja odotan innolla että pääsen katsomaan sitä. 🙂 Kiitos että annoit valituille faneille mahdollisuuden nähdä julkaisun ennakkoon, arvostan sitä todella. Kaiken olisi kruunannut toki jos itse olisit ollut myös paikalla. 😉 Kiitos vielä kerran!

  5. Fjahomma says:

    Happy birthday Tarja, hope you had a nice day. (I know I am 3 days late but I just had to say it) I Am Looking forward to the 24 and ACT 1. I have already bought it and I’m just waiting for it to be delivered (Hopefully on August 24). Best Greetings from Fjahomma 😀

  6. Phaedra Termont (belgium) says:

    hello Tarja,
    happy birthday 🙂

    it’s only 5 days until “Act I”
    I can’t wait.the trailer is awesome.

  7. nat says:

    can you anyone tell me what the 3rd dvd is about, on media book?

  8. Gabriel Furnari says:

    Hi Tarja

    Happy Birthday!!! 🙂
    Congratulations for the best work in Act I.
    I can’t Wait to have It !! Kisses from Buenos Aires!! 🙂

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